5 Ways to Prevent Fogging Glasses that are Proven Effective

Waiting for the dew to disappear from the glasses is not easy. Especially if someone is winter, driving, wearing a mask, and requires a clear view at all times. Of course, it would be very inconvenient if you have to wipe your glasses every time. Have you ever heard of anti fog glasses?

Because of that, there are several ways to anti fog for glasses which are proven to be effective and safe for glasses.

1. Use a Nose Clip

If the glasses fogged up when wearing the mask, it may be because the mask doesn’t fit properly. You may need to find a mask with a snug nose clip to use. Once the mask is on, use a nose clip to secure the mask over the bridge of your nose. A well-fitting mask will help keep your breath warm so it doesn’t cloud the lens.

2. Wash with soapy water

Before you use glasses, wash them with soap and then dry them. But if you need to use the glasses immediately, you can dry the surface of the glasses gently with a soft cloth.

3. Spray with Antifog Lens Spray

You can buy an anti-fog spray that coats your glasses with a translucent film to prevent fogging. Many are also formulated for use in goggles, personal protective equipment, swim goggles, and diving masks. You can look for an anti-fog spray that won’t damage the protective coating on your glasses. Avoid sprays made for defogging on car headlights, windshields, or windshields.

4. Slip on the Mask

You can tuck the mask under the goggles, so more air can flow under the goggles, or wear the goggles over the top edge of the mask. You can adjust it so that the glasses do not fog up.

5. Antifog Wipes

If you want it to be more practical and efficient, you can use anti-fog wipes or anti-fog cloth for your glasses, so that your glasses don’t fog up, which is practical and fast. Antifog wipes are disposable wipes while antifog wipes are special fabrics that can be reused for glasses so they are more efficient.

You can find anti-fog sprays, wipes, and cloths easily as anti fog on glasses, you can consider what suits you, hopefully, it’s useful.