All About Segmental Body Composition Scales

Have you ever heard of a scale that can give you a perfect picture of your body composition at any moment? We are talking about the measurement of your fat, muscle, protein, water and mineral content. It sounds almost impossible, but these scales exist and you can buy them too! They are called segmental body composition scales and they give you the best picture of your health. With these scales you can see exactly how healthy you are at that moment and how you can make yourself even healthier. Do you want to know more about these scales? Then read this blog!

Who is it used for?

Because the segmental body composition scales give such an accurate picture of your health, they are often used for medical purposes. You will often find this medical scale in the hospital or at the doctor’s office. However, there are also scales for personal use. These scales can be used by anyone. This is because the manufacturer of the scale considers it important that the scale is accessible to everyone, so that as many people as possible can make positive changes to their health. So whether it is a young person or an old person, someone who is dedicated to sports or someone who has never seriously exercised, it doesn’t matter. The scale is there for everyone and that includes you!

Finding the cause of weight gain

The scale is a real godsend when you want to lose weight. The scales allow you to explain weight gain accurately. Weight gain doesn’t always have to mean an increase in fat. Our bodies can hold more water at certain times than at other times. If you want to lose weight, it is useful to first step on the scale to see how much fat is actually present in the body. This way you can lose weight responsibly and in a healthy way. Of course, it is not only useful for losing weight, as keeping an eye on body weight is always a good idea.

Motivation for healthy living

Many people who have purchased these segmental body composition scales find that it has a positive effect in their lives. This is because the accurate insights about your health give you extra motivation to live healthy. So if you want to start living healthier it is a very good idea to consider purchasing one of these scales.