If we talk about the advantages of using the 3D “mechanism of action animation” in the world of various fields of business, work and education, of course, it is highly related to various 3D promotional media services such as mobile apps, websites, marketing strategies to outsourcing. Here we raise an example of a 3D animated ad that displays interesting effects such as lip gestures or gestures that can entertain consumers and clients.

Especially if we want to make presentations about science such as health or biotechnology to the general public audience or non-scientific audiences. We need to present a presentation so that the audience can fully understand the intent and purpose of the presentation, for this reason, 3D animation is the best choice as a presentation medium that can be used.

3D animated images are currently widely used for various needs in various activities from casual events to special events, from starting as the main function to additional or decorative functions. The animation is built based on its benefits as an intermediary or media used for various needs including:

Media Entertainment

The animation is used to entertain the audience or users of the animation, so as to give satisfaction. Animation as an entertainment medium is usually taken very seriously because as a product that is sold that has a sale value. As an entertainment medium, animations are worked on as projects such as films, video clips, games and others

Media Presentation

The animation is used to make the attention of the audience or participants present the material presented by the presenter. With the addition of animation to the presentation, media brings the presentation atmosphere easily understood by all audiences. With the addition of animation, it is expected to increase the achievement of information delivery or the occurrence of good communication in presentation activities.

The functions of animation in presentations include:

• Attract attention with harmonious movements and sounds

• Beautify the appearance of the presentation

• Facilitate the arrangement of presentations

• Facilitate the description of a material

Promotion media

Animation as a medium of advertising or promotion is built in such a way that the audience or audience is interested in buying or owning or following what is conveyed in the storyline of the animation.

Help Media

Animation as an auxiliary media or tools is used as a guiding device or a guide in doing something. As an auxiliary media, the animation will stand out or provide an attraction or create a new focus on something that needs help.

Complimentary media

The animation is used as a compliment or addition or decoration on a display that is used to add interesting value to the object displayed.

Of course, the use of 3D animation ads does not only attract audience interest for certain products or audiences. The use of these animated ads can also show the overall vision and mission of your business. An animated 3D advertisement is an extraordinary marketing strategy not only specific to advertising or products but also to the market in general. Now let’s look at what are the advantages of 3D animation ads:

Attractive User Interface

It can be said that currently there is no other promotional media that can question the power of 3D animation in terms of conveying information on a product in detail, even a simple concept can be stunning when presented in 3D animated visuals. Current 3D animation has become a major factor in marketing strategies.

Time Management

Of course, it will be much easier to convey information in the form of video than text, with the help of 3D animated ads. Your company can deliver more accurate information with a relatively short time, this type of promotional media will be very useful when combined with text and images.

Enhancing Company Branding

With the use of professional-quality animated videos, it will indirectly have a positive impact on your company’s image. In any case, such as marketing, sales, and increasing company profits. Video Advertising Animation will improve information from the advantages of a product to be more easily understood by the customer.

Online Transaction Traffic Increases

If your company has an animated advertisement for a product or service, then it can be applied to your company’s various social media that are useful for massive publications online. Thus your company can reach more customers and increase the growth of your company.

Customer Allure

An interesting animated ad video can captivate the customer’s attention in a short time. If your company uses animated advertisements on a website company and if your customers find interesting things in your ad video, then they won’t wait long to see your company website. If you hope that your company’s promotional media can have the right target market, start creating a 3D animated video for your company’s marketing strategy.