Cannabidiol Oil for Cats: How Safe Is It?

As far as I know, no scientific research on the usage of CBD with cats have been published.

As a consequence, as is frequently the case, we’re left to evaluate scientific findings in dogs, humans, and other animals, as well as anecdotal information, to establish whether providing CBD to cats is a good idea.

CBD Use in Dogs and People

CBD has been shown in recent trials to help alleviate pain and encourage activity in dogs with osteoarthritis, as well as to lower seizure frequency in severe epilepsy patients.The fact that CBD has been demonstrated to aid dogs with epilepsy corresponds perfectly with the 2018 US Food and Drug Administration approval of the human CBD medicine Epidiolex for the treatment of certain kinds of pediatric epilepsy.

Other frequent CBD applications for which there is at least some scientific evidence (in humans or non-feline animal models) include inflammatory disorders such as inflammatory bowel disease, as well as asthma, anxiety, pain, and nausea.

So, is CBD safe for cats?

CBD seems to be quite safe for cats based on feedback from vets and pet owners.Some owners report that their dogs get lethargic or have upset stomachs when given extremely high doses of CBD, although these issues disappear when the CBD is ceased or the amount is reduced.

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A Word of Caution About CBD for Cats

Although CBD has received positive feedback from pet owners, there is one major issue with CBD usage in cats: an almost total absence of regulatory monitoring.As a consequence of this lack of regulation, low-quality CBD products are widely available.One research examined CBD products and discovered that many contain very little, if any, CBD. Or they contain more CBD than is indicated on the label.

Some CBD products have also been discovered to contain potentially dangerous pollutants, according to studies.This is particularly important for cats due to their greater susceptibility to drugs and poisons.

Why Is CBD Oil So Popular Among Cat Owners?

Cat owners want to provide safe and effective treatment choices for their cats, yet some treatments may have undesirable side effects or not perform well enough to solve their cat’s unique problems. CBD oil’s anecdotal, media, and early scientific success in humans and dogs has increased its appeal for usage in cats. Some dog owners claim significant success in treating a number of diseases in their dogs who were given CBD oil after being unable to do so with conventional treatments. However, keep in mind that cats and dogs digest drugs and supplements very differently, and the safety and usefulness of CBD in cats is still being explored. 

Dr. Gary Richter, a holistic veterinarian and owner and medical director of Montclair Veterinary Hospital and Holistic Veterinary Care in Oakland, California, believes CBD oil is usually safe for cats, despite the lack of scientific research particularly investigating the effect of cannabis on pets. However, administering your cat CBD oil may have certain side effects, such as gastrointestinal distress and drowsiness, which may be alleviated by stopping the oil’s usage.

“From a medical standpoint, I believe the most pressing problem is properly dosing animals. “This means you’re not accidently overdosing since the CBD oil has the effect you want it to have,” he explains.

Clinical assistant professor Dr. Liza Guess of the Department of Veterinary Medicine at Ohio State University says she is cautious to prescribe cannabis products for cats because of the lack of formal, recorded research on the subject.

Concerns and Risks of CBD Oil Use in Cats

There is a lot that is still unclear since there hasn’t been any study done to support the safe usage of CBD in cats. Whether or whether there are adverse effects, particularly with long-term usage, the effectiveness for use in supporting a range of body systems, contraindications with drugs, and administration doses for specific purposes in cats must yet be explored.


Aside from a dearth of study, another issue with CBD oil is locating a consistent and pure source. Because there is little to no oversight over CBD manufacturing, readily accessible products may have little to no active component and/or be contaminated with potentially dangerous compounds. 3 Before providing CBD to their cats, consumers should consult with their veterinarian and search for a business with stringent quality control measures to guarantee goods satisfy label promises.