Everything You Should Know About Hair Detox Shampoo for Removing Marijuana and Cannabis

It is essential to say that marijuana is legal in lots of states in the USA and we can expect that it will be legalized shortly completely.

Even though people can consume weed with ease and without thinking, that someone will arrest them, the main problem is with the idea that they are still being fired for having THC in blood, urine or hair samples.

Have in mind that THC is still on the list of banned substances for most companies across the USA, and it is still detectable at the hair follicle drug test. If you have in mind that THC stays a long time in your hair, the question is whether you can pass the test or not.

Therefore, if you have to conduct a hair drug test, you should check out more on top detox shampoo for a hair test in 2020, so that you can determine how to cleanse yourself thoroughly.

The great news is that you can use a few methods that will help you pass a hair drug test, but you have to think everything through. It is vital for us to start from the very beginning:

How Does THC Enter Your Hair?

It is important to remember that when you are tested, the administrators will not check the presence of THC. Instead they will see whether you have THC byproduct or THC-COOH in the hair sample.

This particular metabolite is the result of your body breaking down THC. Have in mind that it can enter your hair in two ways. It will penetrate your hair shaft through sweat glands, and into the hair follicle through the bloodstream.

You have to know that THC can also enter your hair through second-hand smoking and contamination, but metabolites will enter your hair only when it gets inside through blood, which means that you have to consume.

The Best Detoxification Methods

If you wish to remove THC metabolites from your hair before the drug test, you should consider taking Jerry G or Macujo methods for cleaning your hair. The idea is to clean it at least five times before the test and the night before as well.

At the same time, you should drink plenty of fluids a day before the testing, primarily due to the idea that the lab may take a urine sample as well. You should avoid paying for detox drinks unless you wish to pass urine screening as well.

Two home remedies are the most popular: the Macujo method and Jerry G method that will help you reduce and thoroughly cleanse your hair from THC metabolites so that you can pass a hair screening.

Both of them are simple, but you have to use harsh chemicals that may affect the beauty of your hair. However, the question is, do they work? There are hundreds of testimonials that will ensure that these methods function; however, they are not 100% accurate.

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The Macujo Method

This particular cleaning procedure started at the beginning of the new millennia. Some bloggers and users talked about their successes, and that is when it became a popular method for detoxification and passing hair analysis.

It is the most popular home remedy for cleansing yourself from THC. The process includes using products that will deeply wash your hair by using vinegar, salicylic acid shampoo, and old formula of Aloe Rid shampoo as well as laundry detergent.

Even though it worked for numerous people and you can read success stories all across the web, it may chemically irritate your scalp and cause hair deterioration. Therefore, you have to be careful and cautious because doing something wrong could lead to severe issues.


The idea is to conduct this particular procedure at least five times in the three-day period before the initial screening. It is crucial to choose a deep sink so that you can rinse your water with ease, because you will need plenty of water throughout the process.

As soon as you wet your hair by using warm water, you will be able to start with it. Take vinegar that you previously bought and try to massage it into your hair for a few minutes.

It is vital to protect your eyes, ears, and face from vinegar and other chemicals during the process because it will burn painfully and cause irritation as well.

 The next step is to take shampoo that features salicylic acid and massage it further for another ten minutes, carefully and patiently. Note that it may cause burning sensations on your scalp during the massaging, but that will not cause further issues.

Put a shower cap and wait for the next half an hour at least. Try to wipe away drips that will fall out from it, because they also may cause burning sensation and pain to your skin. Even though you probably look dumb to yourself, do not worry because you are doing it for the sake of the future.

As soon as the waiting period passes, you should take Aloe Rid shampoo, wash, and rinse your hair twice. Finally, take a small amount of liquid detergent into your hand and try to clean everything

We recommend you to use warm water for the procedure, and try to rinse until your hair starts to squeak. Remember that this particular procedure can affect your hands as well because it will make it dry and remove essential oils.

Therefore, you will need a conditioner afterward, but feel free to wait for at least an hour after a procedure.


You can find on numerous places online that detox shampoos are great for cannabis users. The most popular and effective solution that you can see is the old formula of Aloe Rid.

Even though it comes with an expensive price tag, you will be able to use it dozens of times before buying a new one.

You cannot wholly rely on this method, but it may help you when you find yourself stuck in a deadline.