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Listed below are the Health and Lifetime Fitness courses that apply. Each course counts toward one semester of the University requirement. All programs are graded in accordance with established University policy. Students might elect to take any course on a pass/ fail foundation, but this choice must be made at the time of registration or through the drop-add period. All enterprise students must take Lifetime Fitness courses on a graded foundation. Elementary training majors should register for HED 1145 on a graded foundation.

The activity portion of the course consists of fundamental instruction in Brazilian jiu jitsu. The exercise portion of the course consists of basic instruction in final frisbee. The activity portion includes basic instruction in cycle fitness. The activity portion consists of primary instruction in both yoga and pilates. An introduction to fitness and wellness that features growing private fitness programs and instruction in physical activity. The activity portion includes basic conditioning and instruction in both downhill skiing and snowboarding, including 5 days in Boone, NC. Students can enroll in only one LFIT course throughout their career at Carolina.

Lifetime Fitness

While power coaching could be undertaken at a fitness center and involve all types of apparatus, for many people … Read More