Improve your Athletic Performance with this Ultimate Guide

If you feel as though your athletic performance leaves something to be desired, then you are not alone. So many people are in the same situation as you, but you have to know that there are things that you can do about it.

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Set a Goal and Stick with It

Your fitness goals are really up to you. It is your call at the end of the day, if you want to burn fat, improve your endurance, or build muscle.  If you are very serious about reaching your fitness goals, then you need to do more than just get out and go to the gym. You need to set goals that are performance-related as opposed to saying that you are going to just hit the gym four days a week. Strength training is ideal if you want to stop injury or if you want to improve your athletic performance across a lot of disciplines. If you are worried about getting injured or if you have a lot of pain in your back, then it is a good idea for you to go and visit a chiropractor Libertyville IL clinic. When you do, they can then work with you to try and make sure that you get the help and support you need to get to the root of the issue, while also supporting you for the future.


Did you know that humans have three different planes of motion? You have the frontal plane, the sagittal plane, and the transverse plane. If you want to rocket your overall level of athleticism then you need to try and train your transverse plane. Work on doing everything you can, rotational. People tend to stay in the means of doing a forward, backward, up or down movement when training. Exercises such as rotational medicine ball tosses are all ideal, and it will really push you out of your comfort zone. If you never push past your comfort zone, then you will never go on to achieve the results you want.

Schedule Movement

If you are an intermediate trainee or if you are a novice, then try and do a single movement day every week. It may be that you do glute bridges, lying windmills or even quadruped extension rotations. You can then do sprint work after this. If you look at a lot of athletes, you will soon see that they do this twice a week and rather than just sprinting, they do other movements too. This adds to the overall complexity of the workout and it also helps you to stay as fit as possible, regardless of what workout you choose to do that day.

Big Lifts, Fillers and Super Sets

Start workouts by doing a squat, a bench press or even a deadlift. The first compound movement is going to be paired with some filler exercises and this will address other problem areas. This could include hip mobility and even core strength. You also have glute-activation exercises as well.