5 Tips for Healthy Eating Without Too Much Cost


There are many food products with healthy titles and diets that are often sold at relatively more expensive prices in the market. Whereas we can get healthy food and diet by buying various kinds of healthy food ingredients separately before cooking or combining them, so you can get healthy food without expensive costs.

Here are some tips for healthy eating without much cost.

Choose existing vegetables and fruits

Fruits and vegetables are foods that have a high nutritional content. Of course, if you buy fruits and vegetables that are in season, it will help save on shopping costs compared to fruits and vegetables that are available in non-season, because the selling price of fruits and vegetables that are not in season will be more expensive.

Consume more Vegetable protein

Animal protein or animal meat has a higher price than vegetable protein. You can choose plant protein more than meat, try reducing the amount of animal protein consumption. You can try to cut costs by eating more inexpensive, plant-based protein foods such as:

  • potatoes
  • broccoli
  • avocado
  • tofu
  • or a variety of nuts

Don’t stick to famous brands

There are many considerations before buying the food that we will consume, many people prioritize well-known brand food products. Even though there are also many other products, even local products, which can be fresher and of higher quality at a lower price. So that healthy meal does not always come from well-known brands.

Consider stock of frozen vegetables and fruit

Frozen fruit and vegetable products are usually frozen in excellent condition and are very nutritious and of course healthy. In addition, frozen vegetables and fruit can last a very long time. Another plus, frozen vegetables, and fruit tend to have a cheaper price.

Consider buying in bulk

Giving away non-perishable or perishable products in bulk can also help save on shopping costs. Some examples are oats, whole grains, tomatoes or canned fruit.