Male Fertility Testing Can Now Be Performed At Home

What was a complex procedure before, now is a 3-minute home activity. Male fertility testing is another topic where technology proves that the future has arrived a long time ago. Read more about this topic on this link.

Smartphones in a combination with the internet seem like a powerful tool. Almost everything can be done. Today, an app has been invented that can check out hoe capable the male sperm is and what are the chances to impregnate your partner.

We can say that this is a dream come true for all those men who are afraid of this moment. By doing the test, they can relax knowing that there’s no more tension about how fertile they are and whether their partner will get pregnant if they do something unwanted.

How does this work?

The app is downloaded on the Smartphone but if you want it to work you must order a kit for actual testing. The kits come with several items inside that should be used.

First, you put a sample of your sperm into a cup and then use the other features included. Special methods allow the sample to be read by the app which creates a video of the sperm. This way you can see if the sperm is moving in real-time. There’s an option for saving the video and even sharing it.

Why is this important?

As you probably know, a lot of people are unable to reproduce. The two partners are trying hard but they still can’t have kids. The women follow every instruction about their ovulation time and the partners have sex at the right moment but it seems like something else is wrong.

In most cases, the problem is something else. Sometimes the female’s ovaries are not capable to produce a healthy fertile egg and sometimes the problem is in the male partner. Men have slow spermatozoids that are unable to swim to the egg and fertilize it. See more about this invention from this amazing interview with Marcia Deutsch.

The reasons can be many, from an unhealthy lifestyle to genetics.

The real problem we’d like to keep talking about in this article is the fact that men are afraid and ashamed of this completely normal situation. They refuse to go to the doctor’s and do the testing. This way, they can do it at home and learn more about the situation themselves.

When they are finished and they see the results, they can undertake future actions. This can be a true lifesaver for thousands of families and help to come to life for millions of people.

Why is male fertility equally as important as females?

To create a baby, the male sperm must pass a long way through the female’s reproductive canal until it reaches the ovary. There is the healthy grown egg that’s ready to be fused with the most capable spermatozoid of the millions traveling in the uterus.

If the spermatozoids are not fast enough they won’t be able to reach the desired destination. Their lifetime is not long enough to make it through the canal if they swim too slowly. That’s why male fertility is equally important as females.

If the sperm can’t reach the ovary, there will be no one to make the union needed for creating a baby. If this first step happens, the process from there is long and complex. However, if there’s no chance for the male sperm to get to a fully grown and mature zygote, there’s no pregnancy. Read more about the process here:


Everyone that wants to check if they have a healthy sperm should order this kit and download the app. Even those who are just curious about it or want to show it to the world how fast and capable swimmers they have should order this.

Millions of people will overcome the fear of going to the doctor’s and making those complex and unpleasant tests by order this kit and app. All it is needed is a Smartphone from some of the developed brands and the comfort of the home.

The rest is up to the app. Probably, the best thing about this is that not only you can check if you have a fully functional system, but you can also see and learn how your body works inside.