Want to Use Marijuana Safely? Here’s How to Do It Introduction


For a long time, marijuana consumption has been limited to the more traditional way of smoking. However, as many continue to see its benefits, they are now coming up with new and innovative ways of getting high. Ardent users have found more comfortable ways to turn marijuana into different forms for safe consumption.

Whether used as a medical supplement or for recreational purposes, every consumption method of marijuana has its underlying benefits. Therefore, before checking into a marijuana dispensary nearby, it is important to understand your options and the effects of each method of consumption.

How to Consume Marijuana Safely

When it comes to weed consumption, you already have more than the option of merely smoking it like a cigarette. Thus, it’s relatively challenging to identify the right form of consumption to consider. However, many ways have been established as safe methods to consume pot. These include;

Through Pills and Capsules

The use of pills and capsules is becoming a more popular method of weed ingestion. With this consumption method, Marijuana is usually suspended in oil for a safe ingestion. This method of marijuana consumption is considered safe as it offers no side effects, especially to people with chronic respiratory problems.

If you are in a region where weed is legalized, you’ll be sure to find different marijuana pills in any available marijuana dispensary. Apart from the pills, you can also put weed concentrates into capsules. The benefits of consuming marijuana through this method include;

  • Pills and capsules are discreet and produce no smell and smoke.
  • They offer you maximum safety of consumption since the drug is delivered in a steady dose.
  • They are the right form of medical marijuana that provides relief for various ailments.
  • It Provides a long-duration effect.


Bongs are available in different sizes and designs. They usually use water to cool the smoke from weed before it gets into the lungs. This ensures the pot is safe and smooth for inhalation. The water in the bongs also filters out carcinogenic components from the smoke. However, the use of bongs is more common among experienced weed smokers.

Benefits of consuming marijuana through bongs range from;

  • Bongs make it easy for high dose inhalations.
  • They are the safest, easiest, and most intense way of getting high.

Use of Bowls

The use of bowls offers one of the most convenient ways of consuming weed. They represent small hand pipes, which are in one way similar to tobacco bowls. The bowls are made out of glass, ceramic, or wood.

Bowls are considered safe since they provide a perfect way to consume smaller doses of weed without adding the smoking paper.


Tinctures can either be alcoholic or oil-based extracts. The process of taking them is either through placing them under the tongue or combining them into one of the marijuana recipes.

Consumption of weed through tinctures offers a slower uptake than smoking, but a longer duration of effect than smoking as well. Tinctures are a safe method of marijuana consumption due to the following reasons;

  • Easy to measure and regulate consumption
  •  Suitable if marijuana is used for medicinal purposes 

Final Thought

The only way to have the best out of your marijuana consumption is by finding the best consumption method. Whether you use marijuana for recreational purposes or you rely on it to manage an illness, there’s always a safe consumption method for you.